Tim Oates
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Tim and his #1 fan! Tim the Wedding Singer Tim the Wedding Singer Tim Oates waiting to board the Athena in Newport Beach Community Event Entertainment Tim Oates Cruise Ship Entertainment

Tim Oates singing the national anthem Wedding Singer Tim the Wedding Entertainer Tim Oates and Elvis Community Event Singer Community Event Entertainment

Check out the B&W photo in the bottom row. That's Tim (the kid on the right) on the set shadow boxing with Elvis Presley* who played the role of a boxer in the 1962 movie "Kid Galahad". The movie was filmed in Idyllwild, CA where Tim lived as a child. This acting role was Tim's very first job and he was paid a whopping $24!

Tim said he remembers being picked up at school in a limousine each day and being driven to the set for each day's shooting. He was one of a handful of kids who were hired to be extras in the movie. The local school teachers were asked to pick out kids they thought would be good candidates. When asked how he was selected, Tim said, "I had a tendency even then to ham it up as the class clown and my teacher knew I wouldn't be shy. But I'm sure the real reason she picked me was because she just wanted to get me out of her hair for a couple of days!"

*Elvis Presley photo courtesy of "Screen Stars" magazine copyright 1962

Top row photos courtesy of Full Spectrum Photo

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