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The Music of Bob Oates

(1920 - 2003)

Listed below are some selected songs of Bob's work. Here you'll find examples of his early work from the late 1940's which includes some original songs written specifically for him following his success in winning some talent shows. You will also find examples of Bob's whistling and yodeling prowess, the latter of which was featured in a TV commercial for Italian Swiss Colony Wine.

The recording quality of some of these pieces is a bit rough as they were dubbed from scratchy old records and tapes. But they are included here with the intention of presenting and preserving Bob's body of work.

Click on any of the titles below to listen to them. Some of Bob's most popular songs are listed below in gold.

   The Early Years: 1948 - 1951

   Whistling and Yodeling:

   "Bob Oates Presents" (album released September 11, 1972)

   Professional Hollywood work:


Songs courtesy of Coast, ABC-Eagle, DCT Recorders and Double Oh Records

Bob Oates

Robert C. Oates